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Vegan Gluten-Free Truffles To Celebrate Indulgence and Health

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Festive vegan truffles naturally gluten-free, low glycemic index, perfect carbs, and most of all so utterly delicious you'll never realize it's actually powerfully good for you and loved ones. Ideal anytime and especially for indulging, celebrations and festivities. 

Just one bite and discover the adventure of creamy soft filled vegan ganache that melts in your mouth...five pieces of festive delites...a dark chocolate gift you'll want to first have all for yourself!

  • Nutritious wholesome and delicious Dr. Vie SuperFoods® melt in your mouth vegan, gluten-free, indulgent gift chocolate truffles. Firstly, pamper yourself with these heavenly truffles. And give the gift of deliciousness and love knowing you are not ruining someone’s fitness goals. Relax wherever you are and indulge….dark chocolate soft filled ganache center…divine!
    Made with coconut, maca, cherries, cocoa, coco butter

    Dr Vie Superfoods ingredients vegan

    Basic Profile:
    • Natural ingredients, organically high in protein and antioxidants, no artificial or added sweeteners or fillers, no preservatives, naturally gluten-free, vegan, low-GI, suitable for those with Kosher or Halaal needs.
    Artisan made and packed with  at one of Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Vocational Centres.
    • Loved by North Americans since 2004. Watch the videos of our many customers.
    • Buy online and have delivered by courier, or buy online and pick up at the Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Vocational Centre, or buy at your local Spar. Contact us to customize orders, cater your events, or buy in bulk.

Profits from your Dr. Vie SuperFoods® order goes towards Dr. Vie's Super Conscious Humanity Centers in Central and South Africa - empowering youth, women, elders and minorities with skills training, wholesome jobs to set the infrastructure for clean drinking water, sanitation, housing, needed education and renewable energy that is focused on regenerating our atmosphere, water, air and lands...our home, your only home, Planet Earth.



Dr. Vie Superfoods vegan healthy nutritious delicious breakfast snack dessert available at SuperSpar



Dr Vie empowers villages in Africa with skills training and wholesome jobs



  * As a food scientist I need to tell you this: Please note if you have ANY allergies to foods (be it nuts, gluten, milk etc.) and you truly worry about your safety, you should not consume foods that you have not personally made. Even if we have taken care not to add the allergenic ingredients into the products, we do not take any responsibility for allergenic contamination along the way from our premises to your mouth. There are many ways allergens can get to you. 


As always, all profits support Dr. Vie's free Super Conscious Humanity Vocational Centres creating wholesome work opportunities for special needs youth in Africa. Apply to volunteer in our villages and locations.


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