Dr. Vie SuperFoods sports fitness exercise nutrition gluten free vegan protein
Dr. Vie SuperFoods sports fitness exercise nutrition gluten free vegan protein
Dr. Vie SuperFoods sports fitness exercise nutrition gluten free vegan protein
Sports Fitness Exercise Nutrition Before During After: Loved by Olympians
Sports Fitness Exercise Nutrition Before During After: Loved by Olympians
Sports Fitness Exercise Nutrition Before During After: Loved by Olympians

Sports Fitness Exercise Nutrition Before During After: Loved by Olympians

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Sports fitness exercise line of Dr. Vie SuperFoods®  have been energizing Olympians, sports celebrities, exercise goers, fitness fanatics, and nature explorers since 2004. Ideal before, during and after activity.

  • Naturally energize
  • Boost alertness
  • Enjoy deliciousness
  • Benefit from gluten-free ingredients
  • Know your packaging is environmentally friendly.

Start the day right and benefit from our antioxidant rich ingredients.

Dr Vie Superfoods ingredients vegan gluten free

Loved by thousands in the Americas since 2004! 

In South Africa Dr. Vie SuperFoods® provide skills training and creates wholesome job opportunities for forty+ special needs youth from KZN  at Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Vocational Centre, and 1000+  farming villagers in Central Africa.


Dr. Vie Superfoods vegan healthy nutritious delicious breakfast snack dessert available at SuperSpar



So delicious you'll never believe it's healthy and good for you! Dr. Vie SuperFoods® scientific formulation has been our special forte for over a decade...


For custom orders, be sure to contact us or benefit from a personal consultation with Dr. Vie and have your meals customized for you.


Dr. Vie SuperFoods® are especially different...  since 2004

  1. It's not just our vegan protein rich chia, linseeds, quinoa, grains and lentils healthy fiber and mocha, coconut, cherries, green tea, maca, superberries, goji with superfruit ingredients, in a yummy recipe that makes whichever variety you choose delicious and ready to eat, and most of all choc-full of natural happiness boosters and antioxidants...
  2. It's not only about the special recipe with low-glycemic calories, right sweetness and omega 3 fats your brain and entire body needs that empowers the Dr. Vie SuperFoods® you will soon tastefully bite into.
  3. It's indeed the special way in which your Dr. Vie SuperFoods® order is carefully prepared in our Vocational Centers from the time of you sending your wish to us, to your food being freshly prepared and individually packaged in earth-friendly bags (recipients of global packaging recognition) and boxed and transported with care to your stores or for you to pick up at market locations or delivered to your door across KZN.
  4. And most importantly, its our way of empowering hundreds on our team and entrusting them with highly valuable wholesome jobs in agriculture to food preparation to food packaging on a larger mission to regenerate Planet Earth, our waters, soil, air and atmosphere.


Profits from Dr. Vie SuperFoods® order goes towards  Dr. Vie's Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives in Africa - empowering youth, women, elders and minorities with skills training, wholesome jobs to set the infrastructure for clean drinking water, sanitation, housing, needed education and renewable energy that is focused on regenerating our atmosphere, water, air and lands...our home, your only home, Planet Earth.

Feel free to join the team or apply to volunteer in villages and locations that Dr. Vie's Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives are in currently and feel fulfilled.


Enjoyed by fitness addicts, active people, diabetics, weight watchers, students, workers, doctors, patients, children, or anyone conscious about healthy living and using delicious healthy foods to support a healthy body, brain and mind.

Especially loved by people who want to live healthy, eat healthy and contribute to a healthy Planet and better future for generations to come.


Dr. Vie SuperFoods® line of foods, have been fueling North American Olympians, doctors, patients, teachers, weight loss centers, students and celebrities since 2004. See videos of hundreds of consumers over the decade on our youtube video channels.

Here meet Dr. Vie's London Olympics Bronze medalist Jasmin.

Dr. Vie SuperFoods®  What To Order in South Africa if you want nutritious delicious healthy foods?


    • 12 GO Bars before action (45 g each) Matcha
    • 12 Nutritif BARS during action (45 g each) Coconut Maca
    • 12 ReCharge BARS after action (45 g each) Goji Spirulin Grapeseed

    • Order bulk for better pricing...do message us for information.
    • We cater your events.
    • Invite us to your corporate events
    • Zero sugar, nuts, soy, gluten, dairy, artificial or processed or added sugar or sweeteners.....ready for a nourishing meal or snack made of real wholesome food anytime of the day or night.


    Also available in individual units at SuperSpar.


    Message us for more information about pick up locations in South Africa and save on shipping costs.



      * As a food scientist Dr. Vie needs to tell you this: "Please note if you have ANY allergies to foods (be it nuts, gluten, milk etc.) and you truly worry about your safety, you should not consume foods that you have not personally made. Even if we have taken care not to add the allergenic ingredients into the products, we do not take any responsibility for allergenic contamination along the way from our premises to your mouth. There are many ways allergens can get to you."


    As always, all profits support Dr. Vie's free Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives since 2004 creating wholesome work opportunities for special needs youth in Africa. Apply to volunteer in our villages and locations.