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Dr. Vie for Your Personal Transformation Guide

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Feel like you are not living the life you were meant to live? Instead of struggling on your own, you can start right away with your personalized mentoring sessions with Dr. Vie and benefit from her insightful guidance during your  one on one Support calls.


I'm known as V, and after decades of living on my own in many foreign countries, facing numerous challenges, I help thousands of men and women, just like you to unleash your life potential, think better, express your Self better,  feel better and rejoice in your life.

I'm making available forty five minute call sessions for you so you can identify the potential within you, rise above the situations in your life,  and live the life you were meant to,  feeling valued, self-confident, and blissful as you live fully each day.  You can begin in as quickly as a few days or right away. Feel free to add as many sessions as you want. Message me with your questions.




Wherever you are, all you need is access to a phone, and internet access for our one on one 45 minute call. You can book as many calls as needed.

You are not alone my dear. I'm here to guide you. All you need to do is take the first and most important step to  your personal wellness, which will improve your life, and get you feeling better about your Self.

No matter what is happening in your daily life, once you learn to regain control over the power within your mind, you can transform your Self.

Because if you do not already know this: "You deserve to live the life you were meant to, and expand your life because you belong in this world and you are here for a special are needed."

With your precious time with me you will learn how to  feel better each day, instead of struggling without the nurturing guidance you deserve?

You can start your Self development  to a better you and enjoy a fulfilling life with this compact, affordable and yet very powerful call fully personalized just for you.

Available for all genders, from youth onward.

Chat with me, through email or message me on Facebook if you have any questions. But do not waste a moment more...because an hour wasted is yet another day lost!

How does it work?

  • Select from the drop down menu, the number of calls you wish to set up, then
  •  IMPORTANT:  At checkout, you must select "Subscribe To Our Newsletter" to receive the important link to schedule your call.
  • Check your email so you can schedule your call as soon as within 48 hours during the week.
  • I shall contact you on the scheduled day and time of our one on one transformation call.

How Others Are Benefiting?

"When I talk with you during our 1:1 calls, my mind just explodes into a thousand little pieces with a million questions."

"I just love talking with you. It's like my mind just goes into exploration mode into all the things to explore and understand." 

"Our talks makes me feel so good You are so good for me that's really the bottom line."

"I feel positive after I talk with you. This morning was sluggish, kind of dead in the water
but since we started our talk I feel alive and excited and have a smile on my face. Dr. Vie you brighten my life. You really do and I love you for it."


Be sure to take up this special pricing to start of your amazing 2018 and make it the year of your personal transformation...and live as  the real You.

If you have any questions..message me or send me email.

I shall talk with you soon.

Lots of love



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