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Life Profile Assessment Consultation for Personal Transformation

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Hello my dear friend.

Over the years, through many of my sessions with tens of thousands of men and women, I focus on self development, with the first step being Self Awareness.


Life Profile Assessment

The first step to a better life is to know your self. Your true self that most people do not see, but that affects the way you think and decide every second of the day about your physical, mental and emotional wellness.

 Personal Assessment: To Guide you

You take the Life Profile assessment online or if you attend any of my live events you can also opt to complete it at the event. The results help you to understand your current mental, physical and emotional situation so you can realize the changes you need to make to better your life.

Depending on the type of concern you have in your life, be it physical health, mental issues or emotional needs, you will get to know your strengths, your uniqueness, and why you are experiencing what you are currently.

With the information, you can make better decisions in your 

  • Intimate relationships
  • Work
  • Family relationships
  • Friendships
  • Eating 
  • Daily living..and more



Personal Life Plan Consultation Call for Plan of Action 

You also have an option to chat with me one on one after your  Life Profile assessment and formulate a plan to better your life. Yes it will be me on your call or live one on one meeting, not an assistant or contractor. You and I can talk one on one for 90 minutes.


Be it a wellness routine, specific diet, or time management or whatever we discover is needed following the results of your Life Profile Assessment, we we derive the Life Plan.


The Super Conscious Life Plan takes about 60 minutes. 

You are not alone in your journey to a better life and personal transformation. Take the Life Profile Assessment and set up a one on one with me.

You have everything in you to live a better life and feel happy.

I'm here for you my dear, because I'd love for you to smile and feel bliss.

Lots of love,




Choose from

  • Life Profile Assessment
  • Consultation
  • Life Profile Assessment plus Life Plan Consultation



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