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Free Online Hygiene Training Prevent Spread COVID-19 Dr. Vie Academy course

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Free 7 day online hygiene course to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19.

With coronavirus confirmed in all continents and over 170 countries. Back to the basics which every person should know... for prevention of getting it, preventing transmitting it and also to help manage it.

With 80% recovery rate, we can be hopeful of containing this deadly virus. However, amid these numbers is the devastation this invisible invader has caused within families, communities, nations and the world.  We have important lessons to learn from what is happening.

For now we need to get to know how to prevent the spread of the virus, to flatten the curve, reduce the number of people infected, speedily treat and support recovery of those infected, and increase the number of uninfected citizens.

....this is foremost on our agenda.......and it's not the time to stand on the sidelines....


This free basic hygiene course through Dr. Vie Academy  helps you to immediately start to use powerful yet simple actions against this deadly virus.

Learn at your own pace within the 7 days..if you want...or complete the course as quickly as you wish. Please encourage everyone you know to also enroll for the course. 

Each person who enrolls can ask Dr. Vie his/her personal questions, because each person's situation is different.

What is Dr. Vie Academy About?

Within Dr. Vie Academy online sessions, discover your real Self, live stronger emotionally, mentally and physically and find your Self naturally contributing to the transformation of the area around you and ultimately Planet Earth. 😍 Because you are highly valuable for all of life. This course on healthy foods is essential for anyone seeking to strengthen their body and mind, boost their immunity and live a healthy lifestyle. You would need internet connection to access the video course.



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    • All you need is connection to the internet and a passion to transform your life and be a valued human on the planet.


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      What Are Members Saying about Dr. Vie Academy Courses?

       "Thanks Dr. Vie, you changed my life. I'm also going to help my mother who has diabetes and is struggling with her weight." Leanne, Workshop Attendee

      "I finally had the best sleep since a child, and I've had sleep apnea for a long time." Chris, Soccer Coach

      "The customized assessments and your chats make my membership personalized." Jenni, patient with renal failure.

      "I suffered a concussion after a biking accident, but because I attended Dr. Vie's course and learned about the brain, I was careful during recovery, and got selected for the Olympics, where we won the Bronze medal. Thanks Dr. Vie." Laura, London Olympian


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