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Healthy Body Mind Spirit Online Course with Dr. Vie Academy

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Online course Healthy Brain, Body, Mind-Spirit through Dr. Vie Academy with three modules and 18 video lessons. To boost your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Plus access Dr. Vie's 292 page paperback Guide Book to Rescue Humanity with 15 techniques. Ideal in times of tremendous challenges.

Healthy Brain, Body, Mind-Spirit Course 18 video lessons

Module 1: 7 lessons: Learn to help  protect your brain as you age, take the risk assessment, and through self discovery learn the very nature of your brain. Access 10 practical ways to repair and maintain good brain health. This Level 1 course is required before proceeding to Level 2 courses at the academy..

Module 2: 7 lessons. Learn the fundamental information you must know about your body to keep it in good condition each day and to discover what to practice to restore your body to a better condition. Complete Level 1 before taking this module.

Module 3: 4 lessons. Learn about ancient Yogic Science developed for natural living, discover the gentle forms of exercise essential for daily health and engage in practical healthy breathing and restorative meditation.  You must complete both Level 1 and Level 2 before taking this module..


Why Do We need such a course?

When the body is not well, or the mind is no longer peaceful we feel troubled 🤔. Physical or mental suffering disturbs the flow of a blissful and happy life🤷 leading to a feeling of  being trapped. The human mind can be the source of endless problems if we do not learn how to use it well, or it can be used to your advantage once you learn the basics.

Same question posed 10,000 years ago

Over 10,000 years ago our ancient Indians asked questions about how to dissolve this problem, and through real life explorations 🕊️ they discovered the way out while living fully in their daily lives.

Many of those who had no physical or mental worries, asked even more profound questions: "Who am I? What is this world that I experience? What is my purpose? What happens after death?"

Through self inquiry the ancients discovered the way to be enlightened and lived blissful lives while sharing their insights...which continues to be shared today, and through personal experience thousands have themselves lived in a state of happiness.

Today if you are serious about living a better life while dealing with life challenges (COVID-19 or other), or wondering about the very nature of life, you can educate your Self in many ways.


You can add 1:1 calls with Dr. Vie to the course.


    Annual members. You'll get special pricing on all Dr. Vie seminars, guidance, events and products as a Member plus free shipping on Dr. Vie's 292 pages Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity with 15 tools to transform your life. Ideal during challenging times.




    What Are Members Saying?

     "Thanks Dr. Vie, you changed my life. I'm also going to help my mother who has diabetes and is struggling with her weight." Leanne, Workshop Attendee

    "I finally had the best sleep since a child, and I've had sleep apnea for a long time." Chris, Soccer Coach

    "The customized assessments and your chats make my membership personalized." Jenni, patient with renal failure.

    "I suffered a concussion after a biking accident, but because I attended Dr. Vie's course and learned about the brain, I was careful during recovery, and got selected for the Olympics, where we won the Bronze medal. Thanks Dr. Vie." Laura, London Olympian


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