ABOUT Dr. Vie (V)

When I left South Africa  as a youth to explore the large world on my own for the first time, I did look back, to wave to my amazing parents, my loyal relatives and friends. Each moment thereafter was one of fascinating challenges, breaking glass ceilings, filled with roller coaster rides, unpredictable successes and devastating lows. But, I plodded on.

So many countries, so  many cities, so many towns, so many people, so many challenging adventures... We may travel on our own but we are never alone.

Life is indeed like the sea, sprung from a sprinkle of water high up in the mountains, streams its way winding through many paths, until it finds itself one with the other zillions of droplets in an ocean of endless beauty and love.

I learned this: To SEE we MUST free our minds from its limitations.

Within this store everything you buy is created by me and supports my Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives in Africa.


Children as young as 3 years of age to elders of +100 benefit from Dr. Vie's Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives: educational seminars, talks and programs and  naturally healthy SuperFoods®.

All our revenues support our Super Conscious Humanity Initiative as I live a simple nomadic life, solo, inspiring a better you, better life and better world.