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Dr. Vie Super Conscious Gold Online Membership for Personal Transformation

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When the body is not well, or the mind is no longer peaceful we feel¬†troubled ūü§Ē. Physical or mental suffering disturbs the flow of a blissful and happy lifeūü§∑ leading to a feeling of¬† being trapped. The human mind can be the source of endless problems if we do not learn how to use it well, or it can be used to your advantage once you learn the basics.

Over 10,000 years ago our ancient Indians¬†asked questions about how to¬†dissolve this problem,¬†and through personal experiences ūüēäÔłŹ they discovered the way out of the torment while living fully in their daily lives.

Many of those who had no physical or mental worries, asked even more profound questions: "Who am I? What is this world that I experience? What is my purpose? What happens after death?"

Through self inquiry the ancients discovered the way to be enlightened and lived blissful lives while sharing their insights...which continues to be shared today, and through personal experience thousands have themselves lived in a state of happiness.

Today if you are serious about living a better life without suffering, or wondering about the very nature of life, you can educate your Self in many ways. There are several Spiritual courses, self help teachers and even coaches.

‚̧ԳŹOf great import is that you¬†find a Guide who is living the reality

I've acquired many degrees in the USA, worked in prestigious health positions in Europe and Africa, and pioneered a few health related products in Canada in my youthful years. And for over 15 years now you'll find me living a simple life while sharing insights on experiencing bliss. I've created this online membership to reach you wherever you you can live life fully as you were meant to.

Online Program To Guide You To Self Realization and Peaceful Mind

To reach everyone (who has internet) around the world, I developed the Super Conscious Gold Membership (1 or 12 months) budget friendly version. So you can join men and women who just like you have been yearning for a better life and seeking Self realization. 

Within the Gold Membership, discover your real Self, live stronger emotionally, mentally and physically and find your Self naturally contributing to the transformation of the area around you and ultimately Planet Earth. ūüėć Because you are highly valuable for all of life.

You can choose from three levels of membership Gold, Inner Circle or VIP...based on what your needs are, how quick you would like to transform your life, the support you need from me and your budget.



  • Learn more about your Self, at your own pace through¬†weekly video Courses/Seminars on the 7 areas of life (see the topics below)
  • Interact and ask questions through¬†weekly¬†live stream webinars
  • Watch replays of live streams
  • Take¬†Life Profile Assessments to¬†understand your unique Self
  • Practice the simple yet powerful techniques to better your daily life
  • * This plan does not include monthly Group Support Calls or Community Chats¬†

  • ¬†* 12 month plan includes the Book of Secrets.

    * You can add 1:1 calls at anytime.


  • You get everything from the Gold Membership PLUS the following:
  • Interact and ask questions through¬†weekly¬†live stream webinars¬† or watch replays if you cannot attend in person.
  • Take¬†Life Profile Assessments to¬†understand your unique Self
  • Practice the simple yet powerful techniques to better your daily life
  • Join monthly live group calls with me to fine tune your progress
  • Embark on¬†monthly challenges¬†to keep you focused and motivated.
  • Includes Book of Secrets
  • Opt for a¬†live make over¬†in our monthly Group Calls.


  • You get everything from the¬†Inner Circle Membership PLUS the following:
  • Instead¬† of group monthly calls you have 1:1 private Advisor Calls with me starting on week 4.
  • Two tickets to my¬†full day Workshop (only eligible for annual membership.)
  • ¬†


      • Ideal for anyone age 16+ who is seeking a better life
      • This budget-conscious¬† Gold membership¬†is perfect to start off
      • Need interaction and support calls that are budget friendly, try Inner Circle
      • Want fast focused transformation with 1:1 attention from me, go for the VIP.


      • Select the type of membership (Gold, Inner Circle or VIP). Stay on this page for the Gold membership.
      • For Inner Circle Membership click here.
      • For VIP Membership click here.
      • Select the duration of your membership from monthly if you want to try it out, or annually to benefit from the cost saving
      • With annual membership sse code freeship at checkout if you are in Canada or USA for free shipping of the Book of Secrets
      • At checkout, select "Subscribe To Our Newsletter"¬†to receive the important link to access your ¬†Gold Membership.
      • All you need is connection to the internet and a passion¬†to transform your life and be a valued human on the planet.


       Super Conscious Humanity Membership with Dr. Vie


        My Expertise In Natural Foods, Mindful Living and Mentoring

        I'm known as Dr. V, and over 30 years of nomadic living on my own in many foreign countries, facing numerous challenges, I've helped thousands of men and women, just like you to reconnect with the true nature of their bodies and minds, through healthy foods and by understanding the very life force that drives their everyday living, life purpose and talents.

        I'm a consciousness scientist, having started off with a post doctorate in medical devices.

        • I pioneered the first raw, vegan natural superfoods factory in Canada in 2004 fueling Olympians, doctors, children, celebrities and many patients.
        • I've authored self help personal transformation books and children's time travel series.
        • Advocate for world peace, starting with inner peace that comes from knowing and being your real Self.
        • Addressed tens of thousands in live events and through weekly live streams and feature¬† on national and international radio shows...all about super conscious humanity, to be the naturally strong, valued and happy species on the planet....¬†
        • Have a free Super Conscious Humanity Global Youth Program since 2005



          Remember, we are complete Beings, not just intellectual, career oriented, physical, emotional or spiritual....and because of what we are, we need to firstly know our real Selves and with that foundation  truly live our lives fully, feel valued and  feel happy.

          If you realize the need to transform your entire life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and take an active role in transforming the entire world, then select from the Gold, Inner Circle or VIP membership levels.



          What's In The  Gold Membership?

          Super Conscious Gold Membership












           * SPECIAL GIFTS 

          • A gift of a 15 minute one on one talk with me to get your started
          • Replays of the special Inner Peace To World Peace live streams - over¬†30 hours of videos
          • Book of Secrets is included in the 12 month program Gold Membership and in all other levels.
          • Special Members only pricing for any upgrades


           Join my live online events on a variety of topics from diabetes, cancer, stress, brain diseases, relationships, autism, stroke, work-life balance, meditation, relaxation, abundance.... usually on a weekly basis either live stream or radio shows.

          If you cannot attend the live event, watch the replay within the private members area if you are Inner Circle or VIP.



            Take monthly profile assessments, and learn more about your Self and what areas to focus on with your super conscious life goals.


            You can join our monthly group calls for Inner Circle members or 1:1 call of 45 minutes starting on week 4 for VIP members, to focus in on your specific life goals and monitor how you are faring since watching the videos and practicing the steps.

            MEMBER REWARDS

              You'll get special pricing on all my guidance, events and products as a Member.




                Do take advantage of this membership to understand all 7 aspects of your life, and how boost your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well Being, and find joy in your life, because you deserve to feel valued and enjoy happiness.

                Chat with me, through email or message me on Facebook if you have any questions. But do not waste a moment more...because you can never make back lost time.


                What Are Members Saying?

                 "Thanks Dr. Vie, you changed my life. I'm also going to help my mother who has diabetes and is struggling with her weight." Leanne, Workshop Attendee

                "I finally had the best sleep since a child, and I've had sleep apnea for a long time." Chris, Soccer Coach

                "The customized assessments and your chats make my membership personalized." Jenni, patient with renal failure.

                "I suffered a concussion after a biking accident, but because I attended Dr. Vie's course and learned about the brain, I was careful during recovery, and got selected for the Olympics, where we won the Bronze medal. Thanks Dr. Vie." Laura, London Olympian


                ÔĽŅSelect from 1¬†or 12 month membership options below. At checkout, you must select "Subscribe To Our Newsletter" to receive the important link to access your ¬†Gold, Inner Circle or VIP Membership. Then check your email and enter your members area. ¬†



                Lots of love




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