Healthy Body-Mind-Life: Online Seminars, Programs and Interaction with Dr. Vie

At your own pace, learn about blissful living, healthy natural foods, healthy body, powerful mind, freedom from stress, better relationships, prosperous work, better parenting, peaceful families, loyal friendships, supportive home environment, ancient consciousness meditation, inner peace and much more all through online video seminars with Dr. Vie right in the comfort of your home.


Interact through private chats, track your progress through personal assessments, interact in weekly live streams, join monthly group or one on one calls with Dr.Vie.  Participate in global weekend workshops or 14 day inner peace sessions...and much more.

Select from monthly to annual options, then choose independent seminars for the budget conscious, or interactive membership with group calls (most popular), or access your accelerated one on one membership with personal calls with Dr. Vie plus two tickets to annual workshops (when you obtain the annual membership). 

You deserve to fully live your life as the real you, valued, confident, blissful and accessing all your you contribute to a better world...because you Dr. Vie shares her 30 years of insights living on her own in many countries....freeing her mind and accessing her real self.

She does not try to inspire you by sharing stories or doctrines from books written by others, or ideologies of others...but instead...she shares her real life journey...and if she access her real Self, so can you. World peace starts with individual inner peace.

Ideal for anyone age 18 and over....all humans...there are no restrictions or boundaries...or boxes...all there is is just freedom to be You.