Crisis Management: Empower Your Mind Work Books by Scientist Dr. Vie

Especially during a global crisis when life is threatened, we need to empower ourselves with a strong mind, positive emotions, and healthy bodies as we commit our efforts towards saving lives and creating a better future for all.

Dr. Vie's non-fiction workbooks  guide your through a process of self-discovery towards a better life, no matter your situation, age, status, gender, religion or education.

With powerful, practical Protector steps to implement in seven areas in your daily life.

Engage in the fable-rich travels of the symbolic characters as you meet your Protector with her 15 protective tools... as you actively introspect on your life journey and stimulate exploration of your path ahead. Yes there will be life after this crisis!

You can use the time to learn how to  better your life, relationships, work, emotions and mental power as you  face crises, support loved ones and participate in rescuing humanity.