Dr. Vie SuperFoods® Vegan Healthy Foods Boost Health During Crisis. Spar or Delivered

During crisis you need healthy foods to boost your immunity and reduce stress so you can sleep well and feel energized. Food of doctors going into surgery, Olympians, travelers, front line workers like firefighters. Watch years of videos on our site.

Dr. Vie SuperFoods since 2004 have been vegan naturally delicious, nutritious, sugar-free, soy-free, gluten-free, eggless, vegan, protein rich, antioxidant goodness in USA and Canada.

Now in South Africa, freshly made at Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Vocational Centre in KZN when you order. Buy at SuperSpars in KZN or we can deliver during the lockdown.

Our Menu:

Dr Vie Superfoods vegan energy bars gluten free protein
  • breakfast bars
  • lunch on the go bars
  • frozen easy to prepare meals
  • snacks
  • fitness slimming foods
  • dessert and
  • ice-creams  artisan made and 
  • holiday festivities truffles and delites

Our Ingredients:

Dr. Vie SuperFoods  nutrition gluten free vegan protein

Loved by children, celebrities, Olympians, doctors, patients, diabetics and seniors in Canada and USA since 2004, now finally locally made in South Africa.

Packaged in biodegradable compostable environmentally friendly bags since inception.

Your purchase funds Dr. Vie's Super Conscious Humanity Centres providing skills training and creating wholesome jobs for  South African KZN  special needs youth with autism, cerebral palsy, learning challenges, physical challenges and hundreds of villagers  in Central Africa.

Buy in monthly packs online or buy single units at your local Spar store. Pick up at Dr. Vie's Super Conscious Humanity Centre in KZN or have it delivered to you via courier or shipped across the country.

Taste the power, feel the goodness boost your health during crises and make a difference by supporting our team.