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Online Health, Safety Hygiene Training Course: SOPs To Stop The Spread & Defeat COVID-19

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In this free online health and safety during COVID-19 course, by scientist Dr. Vie, you will learn about the virus and the five essential Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to help stop the spread and save lives.

Why take Dr. Vie's COVID-19 Health Safety Hygiene Free course?

We are living in unprecedented times, in the throes of a global public health emergency.

To be safe and successfully overcome the invisible virus, we need to understand what we are dealing with, and learn and master the skills to beat it.

As this is a new virus, scientists are discovering more about the pandemic on the fly, which means that you need updated information on how to go about your daily life safely while protecting loved ones.

Preliminary findings from survivors indicate that even those who were healthy, may have long-term physical, mental and emotional health issues.


For these reasons, every person: baby, teen, young adult, adult to elderly, whether healthy or not, needs to be protected or take every precaution to protect personal health today, as an investment in a healthy future for generations to come.


This one of many of Dr. Vie Academy online courses is simple to complete within seven days, offering you opportunities to interact with Dr. Vie within the course, and on live weekly question and answer group calls. 


All you need is data, and access to the internet on your mobile device or computer.



What Are Members Saying about Dr. Vie Academy Courses?

 "Thanks Dr. Vie, you changed my life. I'm also going to help my mother who has diabetes and is struggling with her weight." Leanne, Workshop Attendee, Canada.

"I finally had the best sleep since a child, and I've had sleep apnea for a long time." Chris, Soccer Coach, Canada.

"The customized assessments and your chats make my membership personalized." Jenni, patient with renal failure, USA.

"I suffered a concussion after a biking accident, but because I attended Dr. Vie's course and learned about the brain, I was careful during recovery, and got selected for the Olympics, where we won the Bronze medal. Thanks Dr. Vie." Laura, London Olympian

"Thanks Dr.Vie for introducing me to this important course. I have acquired more knowledge about basic hygiene. I will use it to teach people in my villages and communities. Am sure,this will pose a great positive impact in lives of many People," Shoelen, Central Africa.

"Excellent Material, Dr.Vie. Everyone should read it, assimilate it, practice it, implement  it, spread it to others. We need to have a totally new way of life. Total Consciousness and not senseless emotions based on man-made, society-made artificial borders. I hope we learn the lesson and Mother Nature will be happy to see us live as one family not only with fellow human beings but with all living beings. If I can be of any use in the great task you have undertaken forsaking your great career, I will consider myself to be blessed," Bhoola, India.

"This information is so important. It is refreshing to get some facts and suggestions that we all can adhere to. Thank you Dr. Vie," Leona, USA




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