Dr. Vie Academy: Online Health, Hygiene, Healthy Foods Courses During COVID-19

Dr. Vie Academy online free course on Hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic as you stay at home under lockdown or getting ready to return to the world.  Benefit from courses to strengthen you emotionally, mentally and physically, to overcome challenges and better your life during crises. 

Online seminars and courses and classes through videos, audio, text and chat.

The free online Hygiene course is a text based course that is easy on your data.

Online Courses include: stress relief, immunity boost, yoga exercise, healthy foods, mind-body, meditation, emotion strengthening and more.At your own pace anytime thru Internet

Life is about living fully and feeling that you are counted,  and a valued contributor to the world you live in. Yet most of us feel unfulfilled, stressed, lonely even though we have a partner or spouse or a family.....and deep down we sense that something is missing.

Feelings of depression, frustration, stress and helplessness are even more prominent during stressful challenging times, when faced with an unexpected crisis.

A global pandemic, a traumatic personal event, stress within relationships or families, work place challenges, community issues....are just some of the life events that make it even more important to take care of one's physical, mental and emotional well being and boost immunity.

In 2020, the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has led to a global pandemic the post-WW2 population has never encountered before. The very core of human existence appears to be under attack physically, emotionally, economically and mentally, with a vaccine months away, countries shut down, social distancing put into effect, hygiene regiments effected and loss of income and jobs on the horizon.

Today more than ever you need a sense of security...stability really starts within you....when you are stronger emotionally, mentally and physically, you are able to overcome life's challenges and even help loved ones too. You emerge wiser, stronger and with amazing insights that better your life.

Benefit from Dr. Vie's free online hygiene course to help you during SARS-Cov-2 crisis.

Today, tomorrow and throughout your life, Dr. Vie Academy offers you a journey of self discovery, wherever you are so you can take the next step, however small or giant that step is....toward a less stressful, more meaningful, better life than you have today.

You can join online video seminars and live streams, chats and discussions, group calls or individual calls with Dr. Vie right from your home or wherever you are in the world..


You can register for live or live-stream events-workshops-retreats, publications, and even off the grid adventures in Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity villages and centers in Africa and Asia and nature treks once the pandemic is over and safe travel is permitted.

Today you can still travel....journey....because.....

Life is about your journey of self discovery ....