Raise Funds for Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Upliftment Initiatives in Africa

Donate to help support the uplifting of over hundreds of villagers in at least three villages in Africa with sustainable

  • clean water
  • safe sanitation
  • healthy foods 
  • robust housing, and 
  • wholesome jobs which are supporting Mother Earth. 

Dr. Vie's  humanitarian work across the globe is effected through her Super Conscious Humanity initiatives focused on uplifting the lives of villagers in least developed countries so villagers can be healthy, prosperous and working toward saving Planet Earth.


    You Help:

    Safe and easily available water is important for our health, whether it is used for drinking, at home use, food making or for leisure needs. When a country has better access to safe water and sanitation, and able to better manage their water resources, then its people have the time, health and energy to overcome poverty and engage in wholesome jobs that contribute to their lives, the economy and most of all to support Planet Earth.

    This is our sustainable clean safe water model within our Super Conscious Humanity initiative in the heart of Africa.  


    If you have water on tap inside your home or work or play environment then you are one of the 71% of the world population enjoying easy access to safe drinking water. But what about the other over 2 billion children, women, men and elders?

    As of 2015 statistics, 2.1 billion people live without safely managed water, meaning no easy access to clean and safe drinking water. In our villages, our people use bore holes to access water for daily consumption- the water is not safe for drinking. We now aim for safer water through harvesting rain water from Mother Nature.

    We need your financial support to bring clean healthy and safe water long term to our villages, where the children, women, men and elders are dedicated to supporting Mother Earth and saving Planet Earth.

    Every dollar counts, please help us to install the first water harvesting system for our crops and villagers.



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