COVID-19 Health Safety Well Being Programs Consultation with Dr. Vie

COVID-19 has thrown us headlong into uncertain times, health wise, financially, and most of all emotionally and mentally as we need to adapt to so many changes so quickly.  The future seems uncertain as lives are on hold or disrupted, plans for the future are changing and so much is going on in the world.


In these trying times, we need information and understanding about how to deal with the crisis so we can learn to live our lives around it. But we also need emotional and mental support to lower stress levels, to live with our families, to sleep better and not to feel overwhelmed.


From the comfort of your own home: need internet

  • Free Hygiene Safety Course for the entire family
  • Parents, Workers, Students, Elders Support Consultations
  • Restorative Yoga Class To Boost Immunity
  • Healthy Foods for More Energy
  • Mind-Body Course For Stress Relief
  • Personal Consultations with Dr. Vie


With Dr. Vie's experience in natural health, hygiene-health-safety, counseling, skills training for the most vulnerable, and mind power strategies, you can benefit from any of her online programs, courses, live streams and one on one or group support sessions, for you, your family or co-workers.

Do also benefit from her free online course on health and safety skills to prevent the spread of COVID-19.