Children Fantasy Adventure Books: Saving Earth From A Crisis. Set in KZN

Today as you face COVID-19 pandemic and stay at home is mandated....children need activities to boost their morale and to stimulate their mind with positivism.

Dr. Vie's fiction books  dive 50 years into the future where Planet Earth is at the mercy of centuries of poor man-made decisions and fatal epidemics, and the battle between good and evil is reaching a climax in the heart of South Africa.

Meet a group of characters in KZN (Umlazi, Chatsworth, Mooi River, Drakensberg) who are on a mission to rescue the planet by teaming up with superhero Utopians from a faraway galaxy, Zooka. 

Filled with fantasy action, adventure and superpowers to inspire the reader no matter his or her age toward insightful hopeful thoughts to save Planet Earth and transform our world to a happy and joyful one.

Read on Kindle or paperback.

Audio book available on request after purchase of the series of three books.