Why Our World Needs Enlightened Men and Women?

Enlightened Humans?
If you are reading this blog post, you are living in the modern world. And if you are a perceptive human, you probably have wondered how our surroundings and the world at large can be safer, healthier, happier and free of suffering?

Do You Have  Rosy Toasty Life?

What if you have not pondered on the answers to these questions?
Perhaps you live in a cocoon where everyone has more than enough to eat, water to drink, a comfortable bed to sleep in and health protection.

My Recommendations

In this case, I would recommend that you spend a month in a shelter, volunteering to serve the needy, and live as they live. You will never the be same complacent thinker ever again.

The New You

You'll start to question the world around you, and begin to delve into the best of your Self and feel the power of enlightenment envelop you every so often. 

Enlightened versus Unconscious

I've traveled on my own for far too long, and lived through many challenges, one of which I'm experiencing right now, to know that there is too much unnecessary suffering, man made suffering that is destroying the amazing Planet Earth created by Mother Nature in all her glory.

Questioning Minds

Yet amid the injustice and inequality a few Souls are beginning to question what they experience on a daily basis, be it directly or indirectly through the media. Be it close to home, in their backyards, or thousand of kilometers away in a foreign land.
Just recently, in a chat group someone asked:
How to awaken the Third Eye?
The responses were amazing...from detailed excerpts from ancient books to outright ridicule.

My Response

I responded with these words:
"Instead of trying to awaken the Third Eye, all we humans living in the modern man-made world can do, is to be kind, compassionate, loving, and helpful. Our very actions will fill us with infinite insight and feelings of bliss. Forget about Third Eye awakening..and awaken your sense of love."

Are You Inspired To Be A Great Human

As one of the millions of species, the human species has made the biggest mess of all. We've successfully destroyed over 80% of our natural home, we were primed to live in. And we tout our  "achievements" with awards, Nobel prizes and seats on top of the food chain.

The Truth?

The planet would be better off without humans.


Can We Be Better Humans?

Of course we can. We're coded by Mother Nature to evolve naturally with all the natural gifts bestowed upon us. We were primed for enlightenment, yet we dropped out of "nature's lessons."  

But it is never too late to learn to be a better human and contribute to life on planet Earth. You're not the only game in town! There are over eight million other species you know! You can be a team player instead of a spoil-sport.


How to Be Enlightened?

As I mentioned earlier, the easiest way is to be compassionate, live among the needy and help those who are weaker. How can we forget the life of the little Buddha. Young Prince Siddhartha leaves behind his wife and child and ventures into the real world, where he seeks for eight long years...that which is waiting to be found. His true Self.

Step One to Enlightenment?

Of all the spiritual Gurus and Sages flaunting the stage today, none come close to the ancients. Alas the reason we find ourselves in this dire predicament: with violence, trafficking, alcohol and drug abuse, greed, war, hatred, injustice, inequality and with it mental illness, decreasing brain capabilities, diabetes, obesity...and the list goes on...

The reason we are in this state is because we faulted in the beginning...we left the women behind. We left half of the world's human population behind. For this reason, we can only proceed with hope, if our women achieve enlightenment.

Enlightenment before Empowerment

Instead of focusing on women in the work force, women in the army, women in science...if we focus on women feeling inner courage, inner peace, inner security then we can decrease the wars, diseases, and destruction of our planet.

Women have been bestowed with limitless visionary powers...naturally because of the need to nurture and protect offspring, the lifeblood of the future. If women can once again restore their visionary powers, they will bring harmony and balance to our world sadly rocking out of balance.

Step Two Inspired to Meditate

How do you feel after listening to an inspirational speaker? You feel energized, motivated and full of positivism and feel inspired to change your life. But for that energy to blossom even further you need to harness it and let it flower.

Water The Seed Each Day

Yogic meditation is an individual experience...that cannot be compared to someone else's. Spend a few minutes each morning. You would need the guidance of a wholesome Being for a few sessions. Then you'll be set to experiment each day, finding more of your real Self, and feeling more at one with who you really are.

Step Three Continue Each Day & Monitor Your Progress

Only by checking on your development, and making changes to your techniques, can you improve each day. You are not the same Being today than you were a few moments ago..you cells are changing, you are changing..for this reason you cannot always follow what you did yesterday without tweaking it for today. If you do not, you'll find yourself reliving each day, like Groundhog Day, getting older but not wiser.

Find A Wholesome Guide

You need to surround your Self with people you would like to aspire to. More peaceful, more insightful, more experienced.

For more tips on how to find your right Guide you may want to read this article. And after that, if you are ready, let me know.

Our World Needs You To Be Enlightened

Be inspired to be the best human that you can be. We can rectify the mess we have made of our planet, our dear home. But if we strive to be better Beings, we can make right all the wrongs and we can leave our home cleaner, safer, and happier than when we arrive in it.

I look forward to your comments and feedback.

Feel free to invite me to inspire your group anywhere on our Mother Earth. For the love we give the better our world becomes.

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Lots of love,

And hugs,





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