Better Your Life, Better Your Future, Better Our Planet?

Welcome to Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity  (SCH) initiatives  with Centers in Sub Saharan Africa, bringing you healthy, nutritious and delicious Dr. Vie SuperFoods® ,  environment-friendly products, life-changing programs and educational workshops, while providing vocational skills training and wholesome jobs to special needs populations who are focused on protecting our Planet Earth .


Since 2000 Dr. Vie (V) and her Mother have been self-funding their humanitarian work through revenues from Dr. Vie SuperFoods, Dr. Vie Academy publications healthy products, seminars and consultations.

Whatever you buy at the store  supports the women's humanitarian initiatives in Central Africa and in South Africa.

To date Dr. Vie SCH Vocational Center  planted 2000 trees in central Africa supporting skills training and wholesome job opportunities for +1000 villagers. 

In South Africa forty+ special needs youth received skills training with wholesome job opportunities at Dr. Vie SCH Vocational Center where challenged youth are trained to lead the center.

We welcome you to our store and applaud you for your commitment to better your life and to better our world. Please do message us for any assistance you may need. 

Why Eat Dr. Vie SuperFoods® ?

In a time when your health is shaped by the foods you eat, gradually embracing a healthy lifestyle and healthy foods is important. With so many so called "healthy foods" on the market how do you select the right foods for you and loved ones?

What you should be asking

1. Am I looking for foods that are beneficial for my health and don't harm me? If yes, then

2. Does my food producer actually make and pack the food at their location or outsourcing to an industrial plant?

3. Does my foods producer have a track record of over 5 years showing satisfied customers?

4. Have the foods always been packed in compostable bags that don't damage the environment?

5. Does the producer support jobs for locals to uplift their lives and better their country?

6. Is the producer involved in regenerating Planet Earth?

If you answered Yes to Question 1

 When you select Dr. Vie SuperFoods®  rest assured that our history of +15 years making our foods at our own local centers and supplying the health food markets in USA, Canada & South Africa and hundreds of video testimonials from celebrities, Olympians, workers, doctors, patients, children, families...reveal the benefits of our line of foods.

Our SuperFoods®  are an important part of our mission to better your life, better the lives of your communities as we better the world and the future for generations to come by laying the infrastructure in our farming, production and  compostable packaging (since we started in 2004-making it the first of its kind.)

Please do try our foods and and join the global movement for a better life and better world that is part of climate action.

Order Online and We Deliver with a Smile

Healthy Foods Regenerating Planet Earth

So delicious you'll never think it is actually so healthy and good for you.....

Dr. Vie & Mother Vie Humanitarians for +30 years

A Better World, Starts With You

Children as young as 3 years of age to elders of +100 benefit from Dr. Vie Academy and Dr. Vie's Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives: educational seminars, talks and programs and her naturally healthy SuperFoods®.

Mother Vie and Dr. Vie are focused on inspiring a better you, better life and better world for generations to come.

+15 years Dr. Vie SuperFoods nourishing thousands & environmentally friendly

Made & Packed at our Vocational Centers

So delicious you'll never realize you're eating healthy! That's the secret to Dr. Vie SuperFoods since 2004. Guilt-free, sugar-free, gluten free, vegan. Loved by children, adults & seniors, Olympians, celebrities, doctors, diabetics...Breakfast, meal on the go, snack, for workouts, dessert and ice cream. Dr. Vie's packaging has been compostable from day one!  Dr. Vie's Super Conscious Humanity Centers provide skills training and wholesome jobs to hundreds in Africa who are growing, harvesting and making & packing Dr. Vie SuperFoods for your health and to save the environment.

Your Purchase Funds Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Centers

Participate or Volunteer in our Villages?

Every purchase at Dr. Vie's store supports the women's Super Conscious Humanity Centers in Africa laying infrastructure for clean drinking water, renewable energy, sanitation, skills training, wholesome jobs, healthy crops, food security, education and better lives as it bring you healthy nourishing foods and regenerate Planet Earth.

2000 trees were planted in villages to support wholesome jobs and engage in climate action.

Feel free to contact Dr. Vie to add your village to the initiatives or apply to volunteer in the many villages.

We Welcome Your Donations

 As we expand our humanitarian work in Sub-Saharan Africa we need the support of our global community in the form of donations in $$, equipment, supplies and more. Please feel free to donate financially online here at our store, or contact us to sponsor much needed materials for our centers.